Mature Avocado

3 Avocado fruit eating ideas for infant baby

Avocado fruit becomes popular in recent years because it riches in varieties of nutrition (minerals and vitamins).   It is proven to benefit the body to lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, anti-aging. To infant baby, it helps the infant to

  • build intelligent brain
  • better immune
  • avoid allergies

    Mature Avocado

    Mature Avocado

  • nourishing skin
  • easy digest. regulate the digestion system

It is suitable for 12 months or up baby.

Eating ideas

  1. Mash it with a fork  or Dip with mother finger
  2. Serve with bread or biscuit
  3. Mash it and add into rice paste or congee or macroni


Tip: When you shop avocado at supermarket,  you pick color green and wait it turning into mature brown color.

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